Relaxing Natural Plant Based Wax Candle

Relaxing Natural Plant Based Wax Candle



Sly Collections Relaxing range of Natural Plant Wax Candle, Diffuser and Hand & Body Lotion are made using Pure Essential Oils. The combination of Geranium, Sweet Orange, Lavender and Ylang Ylang essential oils is the most lovely scent and has healing and soothing abilities. 

Our candles are made using a vegetable blend from natural plant sources which is unique to our candle makers and they have been using for over 23 years.  All the raw materials are sustainable and kind to our environment.  Our natural plant wax candles are not produced using petroleum based paraffin wax, animal or beeswax based products.  They are naturally coloured and subtly scented using essential oils, they contain no petroleum based dyes or fragrances.

  • Unique blend of Natural Plant Based Wax
  • Environmentally Friendly
  • Cotton Wick
  • Recyled Glass
  • Burn Time Approximately 50 - 60 hours

    Our Relaxing essential oil fragrance is also available in a Diffuser and Hand & Body Lotion