Healthy Lifestyle

Helping you to be the person you want to be without the miracle (!) product sales and short-term fixes advertised everywhere!

It is a big confusing health world out there!  We are continually bombarded by so many different diets, fads, products and forms of exercise that seduce you to spend money and change your body and life! It becomes utterly overwhelming and confusing to know what is best for us as individuals.  I have a Diploma in Nutrition and I will help you achieve the feeling of wellness and enjoyment in your daily life.  Also, weight loss will happen naturally if it’s needed by the changes you introduce to your life for life.  

The help and advice I offer is for clients who want simply to want to feel they are enjoying their lifestyle so by cleansing and refreshing it will help get things back on track, lose weight and very definitely make it enjoyable.  Not all of us can, or ever want, to run a marathon (yet!) however with some pragmatic and practical mentoring we will feel better in ourselves and change our habits.

I am totally dedicated to taking a realistic approach to life resulting in you being able to make the changes you wish for, uplift your mind and spirit and boost your metabolism.

I work with you on a one to one basis so you can change your mind set and habits and help you to learn to be true to yourself.  I will help point you in the right direction with your diet, skincare and exercise plan.  You will see the results of improvement of your energy levels and fitness in a natural way you enjoy and enhancing your contentment. 

Healthy Lifestyle Consultation 

I will come to your home and spend time with you to understand what and how you would like to achieve your journey to a healthier you.  I also help you with the fashion side of your life so that your total wardrobe works for your day-to-day lifestyle perfectly.  Together we will make a realistic three month plan that you can work with and achieve your objectives and target. 

After the initial consultation I suggest meeting with you on a monthly basis to help you on any aspect of your plan, make amendments if necessary, so that you feel comfortable and stay focussed. However as this is a tailor-made lifestyle service, meetings can be whenever my client feels they need one!

You will receive regular emails with lovely tips, recipes and helpful advice so this is a fun enjoyable experience

You are so Worth it – Invest in You

Healthy Lifestyle Consultation 

Held with you in your home so we can put together your bespoke tailor plan including produce your shopping list, detox your store cupboard and restock it and set you up to make it work for your lifestyle. 

Full Bespoke Lifestyle Packages available to include Healthy Lifestyle Consultation, Wardrobe Detox and Lifestyle Styling and Plans.

 I will always keep my prices very affordable wherever I travel to within the UK or abroad and am happy to work with clients by phone, email, FaceTime or Zoom.