Indian Head, Corporate and Hand/Arm Massage

Indian Head Massage or Champissage (Champi is the Indian word for head massage) is the oldest form of massage, dating back 5000 years. Based on the Ayurvedic healing principles, Indian Head Massage helps to relieve stress, reduce tension and improve flexibility in the shoulders, neck and arms. It boosts circulation which can help to reduce hair loss, premature balding and greying, and relieves scalp conditions.

This treatment is hugely beneficial because unlike any other massage Indian Head Massage incorporates the head where we hold a huge amount of tension.  The benefits include:

  • Helps Mobility and Flexibility in the neck, shoulders and back by breaking down fibrositic nodules and lactic acid.
  • Improves blood circulation, lymphatic flow and eliminates toxins
  • Helps relieve stress, tension, fatigue, insomnia, headaches, migraine and sinusitis. 
  • It leaves the client deeply calmed and relaxed, often feeling energised, revitalised and better able to concentrate. 

I trained in Indian Head Massage at The College of Naturopathic Medicine in London.

I adapt my treatments to each client’s needs which we discuss during the consultation at the beginning of your first appointment.  Appointments are 35 minutes to allow my 25 minute massage with a consultation at the beginning, after care advice and relaxation at the end of the treatment.  

One of the many great things about Indian Head Massage is it can be done anywhere as all you need is a chair and you stay dressed!

I can use oil for your head massage which is how the Indians do their massages. I tend to use Grapeseed Oil.  This oil is non scented and very high in anti-oxidants plus it is suitable for most people as it in a non nut oil made from Grapes.

The treatment incorporates your shoulders, upper arms, neck and upper back where I use Massage Wax (if you are wearing a vest top and I can reach your skin) including De-Stress (Bergamot, Geranium & Ylang Ylang), Muscle Ache (Lavender, Black Pepper, Rosemary & Marjoram), Soothe (Lavender & Roman Chamomile) and Calm (Frankinsence, Lavender & Rose).  I work into the muscles on your neck, shoulders and down your upper arms then move to the upper back where I massage deeply if needed around your shoulder blades and all over the upper back.  The therapy finishes with a fabulous facial massage.

  • Treatment Time: 35 minutes (includes client consultation and after care)
  • Price: £35 within a 5 mile radius of Stamford
  • Home Parties – we can discuss price depending on numbers and location
  • Further afield – we can discuss prices depending on location
  • Contact: Mobile: 07939 667111/ Email:


Modern life now exposes us to every day wear and tear on muscles, tendons and ligaments. RSI (Repetitive Strain Injury) and Carpal Tunnel Syndrome are far more prevalent today due to repetitive movements and continuously using our hands and arms.

This wonderful massage offers restorative and beneficial techniques.

Korean Hand Therapy is practised in many eastern and oriental countries; gaining more popularity over the last 20 years. In Korean Hand Therapy the human body is mapped out on the hands, similar in concept to the reflexology map of the foot. This therapy is a complementary blend of reflexology, acupressure and massage techniques that reduce tension and offer tremendous health benefits.

The numerous functions of the body can be stimulated by pressing on specific points on the hand. These can assist in reducing pain and assist with a host of health issues whilst balancing the body’s energy systems. There are 14 micro-meridians and 345 acupressure points in our hands which regulate the internal organs of the body.

Hands contain many thousand sensory nerve endings which makes them one of the most sensitive areas of the body. The Chinese developed the technique of acupressure thousands of years ago which provided the basis for reflex zones and the relative points and connections between different parts of the body.  

It is well documented that the early Chinese, Japanese, Indians and Egyptians worked on the hands and feet to promote good health. Many of the long-established principles developed then are now available in modern practice.

  • Treatment Time: 20 minutes (includes client consultation and after care)
  • Price: £20 within a 5 mile radius of Stamford
  • Home Parties – we can discuss price depending on numbers and location
  • Further afield – we can discuss prices depending on location
  • Contact: Mobile: 07939 667111/ Email:

Join both treatments together for a truly holistic and hugely beneficial natural treatment!


Wellness programmes are being adopted by businesses at a fast rate, as employers recognise the benefits that they bring including reduced absenteeism, a greater sense of work life balance and better decision making from reduced stress.

Indian Head Massage treatments are an important part of corporate wellness programmes, designed to target stress and tension held in our heads, necks, shoulders and upper backs. 

I have designed and tailored an at-work Indian Head Massage treatment specifically to target these sources of stress and tension.  Treatments are carried out seated over light clothing, no oils or creams are used and usually designed to be 20 to 30 minutes each.

The therapy can be adapted to incorporate a Hand & Arm Massage too.

  • Contact: Mobile: 07939 667111/ Email:
  • Prices: Each of my clients has an exclusive bespoke tailored package for their company.