Excitingly a new season approaches, and we can feel a little overwhelmed when we look at our wardrobe contents and the box of items we stored away at the end of the last season!  This is where I come to your rescue!

I help you decide what you like, unsure of and if we can make it work for you and what needs to go.  From there we move on to how you would like to look, realistically what you need to make your wardrobe work every day for you, so you look forward to opening the doors each day and for every event in your week day and evening.

I can help you with where to find what you need to make your new season wardrobe work for you and your lifestyle, so you don’t have to traipse shop after shop or trawl the internet.


It isn’t just our wardrobes that can be cluttered and confusing, our cupboards in the kitchen and pantry can be, crammed to within an inch of their lives with tins, spices, cereals, utensils and pans and crockery we never use either because we don’t need it or we can’t get to it so just shut the cupboard saying “one day I will sort this out’!  The bathroom cupboards, sitting room cupboards full of nearly empty products, magazines and DVD’s to name just a few!

I just love decluttering so I can reorganise your living space and take the stress out of your life in just a few hours!


Initial Consultation by phone: FOC

Full Wardrobe Detox and Redesign session £180 (3 hours)


The prices above are based on visiting clients in the Stamford area and within a 15-mile radius.   I will always keep my prices very affordable wherever I travel to within the UK or abroad and am happy to work with clients by phone, email, FaceTime or Zoom.